Stunning Sculptures by Allen Wynn Designs

Artwork from Allen Wynn Designs

Collectors are drawn to and purchase Allen Wynn pieces because they are so different. Many people recognize an Allen Wynn on first sight. He creates art that evokes emotions, brings you back in time, and reminds you of something that is precious to you. His contemporary sculptures have a rawness and primeval quality to them that many people want to touch. Allen is constantly collecting images, shapes, and colors that he turns over and over in his mind until he starts producing. His work is frequently on display in many different galleries, and he is happy to give talks about his work. Allen Wynn Designs accepts commissions for sculptures from across the nation, from Cleveland, Ohio, to Los Angeles, California.

About Allen Wynn

Allen has been creating art for over 25 years, and has worked with Clyde Connell. He enjoys working with mixed media. The expression makes him feel that he is creating things that help his fans and customers connect with their pasts and family members. Allen has many pleased clients who have returned to commission another piece. Nearly all of Allen's clients come back with ideas for new designs and to express their gratitude for the designs he has made for them. Rawness is a key element in his creations. Nothing is perfectly shaped because he uses texture to make his work slightly different and give it a look unlike any other.

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